Current Research Projects
(University Collaborations, as Co-Advisor)

GaN MMIC Doherty Amplifier
- M.Sc. Thesis Study
- 0.25 um WIN GaN Process
- Input and output matched

ADS and Matlab Co-simulation for Automatized Optimizations of Nonlinear Circuits
- Ph.D. Study
- Matlab based optimization + ADS harmonic analyzer
- First target: X-Band power amplifier optimization (wideband, high efficiency)

X-Band Class-F Power Amplifier Design
- M.Sc. Thesis Study
- Consist of GaN HEMTs
- Thin film based input and output termination circuits
- Suitable termination up to 3rd harmonics

Completed Projects

[Satellite Projects]

<<< X-Band GaN HPA Design (2014-2015) >>>
- Optimized for a small satellite mission
- 0.25um GaN HEMT
- 4W output power @8.1 GHz & p3dB
- SMA connectorized, module
- My responsibilities: Design, implementation, and test
<<< Hodoyoshi Project >>>
- University of Tokyo, Japan Nano Satellite Center, Saito Laboratory
- Satellite constellation mission (5 Satellites)
- Up to 300 MBPS data transfer rate from a small satellite! - My responsibility: X-Band High Data Rate Communication System
- - > X Band Power Amplifier Analysis and Design
- - > @ Saito Laboratory, JAXA/ISAS Sagamihara Campus

<<< TURKSAT-3U Nano-Satellite (2010-2013) >>>
- 10x10x30cm3 cube satellite
- Payload: VHF-UHF transponder (1W output power) - Supported by TURKSAT
- My responsibilities: Communication system and payload design and test as team leader
- Leading the design of antennas and antenna deployment systems

<<< Software Defined Radio Modem (2012-2015) >>>
- Compact and low power design for cube satellites
- FPGA based signal processor
- Narrow band, improved frequency selectivity

ITUpSAT1 (2008-2009)
- The first satellite made and completed in Turkey (Wikipedia)
- I was involved with tests of communication sub-system.

[Other Projects]

- Indoor Localization with Wireless Sensor Networks by Using RSSI (2009-2013)

- Sportsman Timing System Design with RFID, supported by BELBIM, (2012)

- 1W, 3 Inputs, 50-200 MHz Combiner, supported by ISTTEK, 2010

- 2kW FM Transmitter System (RF Stages and Control Board), Onair Media-TUBITAK, 2010

- 600W FM Power Amplifier, 2kW 4 Ways Wilkinson Power Combiner, Onair Media-TUBITAK, 2009

- Fencing Signalization Equipment, supported by Turkish Fencing Federation, 2009

- GPS Receiver and Antenna Design, ITU-TUBÄ°TAK-TURKISH MILITARY FORCES, 2008

- 2.4 GHz BALUN and Microstrip Antenna Design (Dipole, Folded Dipole, Inverse F) for TI CC2420 Chip, Genetlab, 2008

- 1-5 GHz Log-Periodic Antenna Design for Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR), ITU, 2007

- Picture Converter Tool for 16 Colors Liquid Crystal Displays (by using C), ATRON Electronics, 2007

Last update: July 21, 2018